24/7 Service Available for Employee Concerns

DESTIN, FL – With its intended function to be an outlet available to all employees who may feel that they are experiencing issues in the workplace, CBH has created the HR Hotline at 855-207-9519
There to answer those questions that may be nagging at an employee who may not know where to turn, the HR Hotline gives an employee the chance to contact Human Resources to ask a question or voice their concern.

When calling the HR Hotline, the employee will need to leave their name, telephone number, store name or store number and the nature of their call, whether it’s a question or concern regarding the workplace.

An HR representative will get back to the employee within 48 hours.

CBH continues to have zero tolerance for retaliation toward any employee who may have reported a workplace concern or is believed to have reported one.
Any employee who feels that they are being retaliated for this reason is encouraged to report it to the HR Hotline.